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Kes me oleme

We are Maris, Saskia and Thiago, whose common love for Brazilian food, music and culture led us to the desire to open the first Brazilian Café in Tallinn.

We all have lived in Brazil and are now living in Estonia. Being away from home is an adventure that with the time turns into ‘saudade’ (a feeling of longing, a nostalgia that is supposedly characteristic of the Brazilian culture) and the best way for us to feel closer to our homes is through the food. We saw that in Estonia there is no place where you can sit town, relax and listen to Brazilian music, eat Brazilian food and drink Brazilian coffee.

We want to bring you some delicious and nourishing Brazilian Timeless Family recipes from classic desserts to comforting dinners - traditional dishes that will take you back to your grandma's kitchen in Brazil. We use fresh ingredients to create tasty and heart warming Brazilian dishes. We make all our food with great care and love! We want to share with you the joy, warmth and energy that comes with Brazilian food, music and culture.

If you want to try something special and different that you probably have not tried before, then you must come to our Café Brasil. This is the place for a catch up with friends and family or for a business meetings. 

A little taste of Brazil in Estonia!

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